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BBL Skin Rejuvenation

What is BBL Skin Rejuvenation?

‘Genetic Renewal’DNA contains encrypted information. Every living being is born this way. As long as our DNA remains intact, it can produce healthy copies of itself, perform its functions properly, create healthy new cells, and life continues.Aging is DNA damage. When damaged DNA cannot renew itself, degenerative diseases emerge. DNA damage doesn’t just lead to systemic diseases like cancer, allergic diseases, vascular diseases, obesity, but also to more visible results such as accelerated skin aging, wrinkles, age spots, etc. DNA, which is damaged 30,000 – 50,000 times a day, must renew itself rapidly.Basic building blocks of the skin:
  • Chondroitin Sulfate,
  • Glucosamine,
  • Ester C.
For preventing collagen degradation and moisturization: Squalene, Hyaluronic acidAs antioxidants: Ester C, Alpha-lipoic acid, Coenzyme Q-10

BBL (Broad Band Light), which means ‘wide-band light,’ is used for non-surgical skin rejuvenation. BBL is a special light source with FDA approval for skin rejuvenation and genetic renewal in the wavelength range of 400 – 1200 nm.

BBL can renew the genetic structures in aged human skin, making them similar to those in youthful skin.

What causes damage to the skin?

*Exposure to UV rays from the sun


*Unhealthy diet

*Sedentary lifestyle

*Irregular sleep

*Fluctuations in weight

*Emotional traumas

*Inadequate hydration

*Excessive alcohol consumption

*Use of drugs or stimulants

*Unconscious use of medication

Products that repair DNA damage and protect DNA are called ‘Next-Generation Anti-Aging Applications’. Regular BBL application can renew and rejuvenate the skin, delaying skin aging through natural means. BBL can renew 1293 genetic structures, resulting in a more youthful appearance. It can improve fine wrinkles, pigmentation irregularities, blemishes, and redness caused by vascular issues by increasing collagen accumulation and elasticity.

BBL can reduce long-term signs of skin aging and delay the development of new problems. The skin becomes fresher, firmer, and more youthful in appearance, and if performed regularly, it can maintain this state. Numerous studies conducted at Stanford University have demonstrated the genetic rejuvenation of the skin through BBL.

What Areas Can BBL be Applied to?

Especially in areas exposed to environmental damage, such as the face, neck, décolleté, and hands;

  • Facelift, skin tightening,
  • Skin tone correction (unclear and discolored skin),
  • Equalizing skin tone,
  • Fine wrinkles on the skin,
  • Spots (sun, age, pregnancy, or congenital),
  • Capillary vessels (Telangiectasia),
  • Rosea (red-cheeked face),
  • Large pores,
  • Active acne and pimples,

BBL, a high-energy light technology, can create changes and improvements at a molecular level without damaging the skin. It can stimulate the epidermis (skin surface) to function more effectively by heating it. BBL gently heats the upper layers of the skin. The absorbed light energy by the skin layers in the targeted areas can trigger collagen production in existing cells and make the skin appear firmer after the first application. Consequently, collagen production increases, the skin becomes thicker, and it tightens.

Different wavelengths can eliminate spots and redness caused by vascular issues. Ultimately, the skin can become rejuvenated and younger in appearance, gain resistance against new skin damage, and undergo a genetic repair process.

What is the Mechanism of Action of BBL?

BBL is a patented light technology. BBL generates light that progresses in various wavelengths in the range of 400 – 1200 nm. It is a flash lamp technology that filters and enhances light effects based on the effects of light on biology. BBL has the following mechanisms of action:

  • It gently heats the skin, stimulating the skin cells and collagen fibers, and initiates the natural repair process of the skin.
  • It removes the melanin accumulated on the skin surface, and treats age spots, freckles, and sunspots.
  • It reaches the sebaceous glands, reduces sebum secretion, and provides a solution to the problem of acne-prone skin. It can also be used in the treatment of active acne.
  • It reaches the capillary vessels, which are responsible for the redness and causes coagulation, resulting in a visible reduction in the redness of the skin.
  • It provides solutions for rosacea, flushing, and other vascular skin problems by affecting the vessels that cause such problems.

Thus, BBL helps the skin look brighter, smoother, and younger by treating vascular and pigmented skin anomalies and stimulating the natural regeneration process of the skin.

How is BemeBBL Applied?

The application of BBL takes about 15 to 20 minutes. Before starting, protective BBL glasses are worn to shield the eyes from the strong light. The procedure is generally described in these steps:

  1. Facial cleansing to remove makeup and creams.
  2. Application of a special gel that helps transmit BBL light to the skin. The gel also provides protection to the epidermis from the heat produced by the BBL device.
  3. Gentle and repeated touch of the BBL device on the skin in a certain pattern.
  4. Once the procedure is done, the gel is wiped off, and the skin is cleansed.
  5. After the procedure, soothing and protective creams are applied, followed by information about post-procedure care.

There is no need to disrupt daily life or work routines after BBL applications. Slight redness might occur, which can be covered with makeup. The skin is not completely exfoliated; therefore, it is unnecessary to interrupt daily routines.


At Dr. Nuket Eroglu Skin Health and Beauty Clinic, BBL applications are performed by specialist dermatologists. Sunscreen should be used regularly after BBL applications, and the necessary care instructions should be followed.

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