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Life After Bariatric Surgery: A New Lifestyle And Body Image

Life After Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery, often referred as weight reduction surgery, is a medical technique used on chronically obese people to help them reduce their bodyweight and improve their general health.  Your life, health, and appearance may change dramatically as a result of this surgical operation. Having a new, healthy and fit body image not only changes your appearance in the mirror, but it also drastically changes your daily life and social abilities. Let’s take a look at all of the emotional and physical processes that occur after a bariatric surgery!

Post-Bariatric Surgery Transformation: A Healthier Lifestyle

After a Bariatric surgery, a radical but positive change occurs on the the patient’s lifestyle. However, many habits must change in the days following the weight loss in order to live a healthier lifestyle. This is a transformation that directly affects the patient’s overall life quality. At this point, the patient should take the doctor’s advice seriously and be motivated to follow through on their life-changing decision. Weight loss is accomplished by surgery, and the majority of the procedure is discussed here, but healthy habits that aid in weight maintenance are just as vital as surgery.

Dietary Changes After Bariatric Surgery

As we mentioned before, patients must change their diet and make it a habit in order to maintain their healthy results. They should start drinking clear liquids immediately after the surgery and then begin taking protein-rich supplements. Pureed foods should be consumed in the early post-surgery phase, with an emphasis on lean proteins. Over the next few weeks, the transition to soft solid foods occurs, encouraging complete chewing and eating smaller meals on a more frequent basis. As individuals progress into the long-term phase, maintaining a diet high in lean proteins, as well as staying hydrated and limiting sugar and fat intake, becomes increasingly important. 

Patients often wonder if they have to give up their favorite foods altogether. Although it is important to avoid high-calorie, sugary, and fatty foods, the main thing to consider is proportion control. Adjusting the portions of the meals accordingly with the quality and caloric value of the food is a necessary habit to maintain your weight.

Exercise After Weight Loss Surgery: Building a Fit New Body

Exercise is required to maintain your weight and live a healthy lifestyle. Individuals generally begin light exercises such as walking in the first weeks after the surgery to increase circulation and aid in the recovery process. As time goes by and your body heals, you can start doing exercises that require more energy, such as pilates and strength training. These exercises will not only help you to maintain your weight, but they will also help you have a stronger body by increasing your muscle mass. It is important to create and follow a balanced workout plan after the procedure to maintain your weight as well as your good mood. The hormones we secrete while exercising put us in a more cheerful mood and reduce stress. Therefore, our recommendation is to determine an appropriate exercise routine depending on where you are in the recovery process and stick to this plan!

Mental Health Post-Bariatric Surgery: Body Positivity and Confidence

Body image is a phenomenon that impacts many aspects of our lives. It’s not only about beauty; it’s about feeling at ease in our own skin, which is directly related to how we experience life. The first positive mental benefit you will experience following a Bariatric surgery is the improvement in your overall body image. As you come closer to your optimum weight, you’ll find it easier to conduct physical activities and feel stronger. You will feel more at ease as a result of this relaxation, as you will get rid of problems such as social anxiety, worries about your general health, and most importantly, a lack of self-confidence.

Relationships After Weight Loss Surgery: Impacts On Your Social Life

Humans are social beings, so the relationships we establish with people directly affect how much we enjoy life. The post-bariatric surgery process will change these relationships in a positive way. Our relationships with other people are directly linked to the relationship that we have with ourselves. The happier, more satisfied, and more self-confident we are, the better our communication with other people, and the quality of our relationships will increase accordingly. Imagine being in a public environment, without doubts about your body, completely at peace with yourself: Others are laughing with you and you are speaking your mind with confidence. This is not due to a change in your weight, but rather to a change in your perception of yourself. In this sense, bariatric surgery is more than just a weight loss treatment; it allows you to reimagine your life by drastically altering your self-perception.

Wardrobe and Clothes Size Post-Bariatric Surgery

Let’s talk about the most fun part of the post-bariatric surgery period. Even before you decide on the operation, you began to consider how your outfit will change. We can only think how much delight and pleasure this would provide you. You are now ready to find your style from the ground up, with your brand new body that is getting fitter every passing day and your freshly formed self-image. Unfortunately, it’s a sad fact that we don’t have a great variety of plus-size clothing. Now that you are free from this restriction, it is possible to shop with a wider range of options and express yourself with your style. Nothing beats being able to easily find the size of that outfit you’ve seen in the mall, and confidently wearing it without any fear and doubt in your mind.

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Embrace Your Post-Bariatric Body With Dr. Nuket

Together we discovered how life-changing the post-batriartic surgery process is. The skillful hands of a competent specialist can increase your satisfaction with magic touches during this period as well as before the surgery. 

Dr. Nuket, with her unrivaled experience in medical aesthetics, her unique skill, and the legendary transformations, will be the finest candidate to supervise this process. If you want to learn more, please contact our clinic to find out more and start your journey!

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