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Light Filling

It can be confidently applied to the entire face for moisturizing and rejuvenating purposes. Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in our bodies and provides moisture to the skin by retaining water in the deeper layers of the skin. This powerful moisturizing agent decreases as we age. As a result, the skin becomes dry, weak, and wrinkles appear. The product is entirely natural and is obtained from a bacterium found in the human body under laboratory conditions. It is fully compatible with the human body, setting it apart from all other fillers available in the market.The area around our eyes is surrounded by a specialized fat that can easily move in all directions, and this fat region can maintain its position thanks to a natural barrier called the “septum.” Due to genetic reasons and an increase related to age, the septum can be pushed forward by the fat pad. As we age, the bone structure of our face becomes thinner, causing the bone to naturally move backward in this situation. As a result, gaps and shadows form under the eye area. Cases that haven’t reached the surgical intervention level can be made less pronounced with Light Filling. The cause of under-eye bags and dark circles is genetic; allergic reactions, alcoholic beverages, sleeping positions (such as sleeping on your stomach), or irregular sleep patterns are factors that can exacerbate this condition.Vertical lines known as ‘smoker’s lines’ above the lips can be naturally filled with light filling.Light Filling can also be applied with the Electri formula, which contains hyaluronic acid, a building block of the skin, and a complex that reconstructs the skin and lightens its color. In the Electri application, under-eye hollows can be filled and the color can be lightened. Succinate, a natural anti-aging substance derived from amber and a building block of the Krebs cycle, is included in this formula. Succinate is responsible for the preservation of fossils until this century. The succinate in Electri can chelate with Fe and Cu ions, hindering their oxygenation, which can lead to lightening of spots and dark circles under the eyes, with long-lasting effects. Electri can inhibit tyrosinase enzyme with succinate, reducing melanin synthesis in melanocytes. Electri can work against time with its elastin collagen stimulation and anti-aging properties.

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