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Rejuvenating Dual Laser; Since ancient times, especially women, everyone is after the elixir of youth. We don’t want to get old, ugly and grieving and look neglected. When we look at ourselves in the morning, we want a big smile on our faces. Of course, aging is a natural process, but we need to protect ourselves in order to enjoy aging process.Rejuvenating treatments in medical aesthetics are progressing extremely fast. As a unique high-tech You Laser MT Dual Laser makes skin tighter, rejuvenated, the jaw contoured, adds youthful glow to the face, tightens pores, removes wrinkles, and removes blemishes!to achieve a Smooth, spotless and taut skin, healthy nutrition, drinking plenty of water, and starting the day smiling is a must. Body resistance comes first. It is also easy to preserve our natural structure by making use of the benefits of high technology.With its high efficiency in non-surgical face lift and skin tightening, rapid healing process and success in rejuvenating the skin surface, the best gift of this century is YOU Laser MT Dual Laser!

What is done in skin rejuvenation?

1- Fine wrinkles are removed, and deep lines are reduced. 2- The wide porous and rough appearance of the skin is transformed into a thin, tight, bright and moist young skin texture. 3-Tensile and sagging tissue is lost and more elasticity is provided. 4- Sunspot, age spots, keratoses, moles and warts are destroyed. 5- Acne and acne scars are reduced.

Which laser systems have already been used for skin rejuvenation?

Fractional means ‘hole’. The principle of accelerating healing without reducing the efficiency by leaving intact tissue between circular laser pulses is based on the principle. There are two types of fractional lasers, mainly skin-peeling and non-peeling: Non-ablative fractional lasers (Er: Glass, Nd: YAG) Ablative fractional lasers (Er: YAG, CO2) The first fractional laser was produced as Er: Glass system (1550 nm Fraxel). In this laser, the laser beam passes through the lens, and because the beam does not pass in some points, it is not sent to the entire skin area of the applied skin, resulting in areas left with the laser beam not being received.In addition, since this system is not an ablative system, it is a non-ablative system, which does not peel off the skin, it only affects the collagen fibers under the skin. However, the laser philosophy used in this system opened a new era in skin renewal applications.By combining the ablative effect with fractional application, Er: YAG system devices with fractional laser properties were first produced (1540 nm). This technology is not satisfactory because it can only go below 2 – 50 micrometers. Even with long and repetitive sessions, satisfactory results were not obtained with Er.YAG systems which could not go further than a simple peeling procedure.After these developments, fractional CO2 Laser was produced (SmartXIDE DOT). Fractional CO2 laser, according to the needs of the patient under the skin to a depth of 10-250 micrometers. After the application of Fractional CO2 Laser, the sudden reduction of 30% in the subcutaneous collagen fibers was very rapid and appeared as a face lift effect on the skin. In Er: YAG systems, shortening of collagen fibers and skin tension are not comparable with CO2 lasers (8%).In addition to the effects of CO2 laser on the surface of the skin, the CO2 laser is combined with radiofrequency to enhance the skin tension and increase skin tightening, thereby enhancing the effects of ‘re-regeneration’ and ‘non-surgical face lift’ in the deep tissue (SMARTXIDE DOT 2). The fractional CO2 and bipolar radiofrequency system, which can go down to 250 micrometers, provides more satisfactory results compared to conventional fractional CO2 lasers.Fractional CO2 laser is still the gold standard in skin resurfacing applications. Fractional CO2 Laser application, whose effect on the skin surface is visible even in one session; is the most effective method of smudge, keratoses, moles and warts removal, and correction of acne scars.

What is the most advanced rejuvenating laser in today’s conditions?

YOU Laser MT Dual non-surgical face lift and skin rejuvenation is the latest FDA approved high-tech Laser.

What is the superiority of You Laser MT Dual Laser over other laser treatments in skin rejuvenation?

With You Laser MT Dual Laser, two modes (Er: Glass and C02) can be used separately and Mix Mode allows simultaneous pulsation of both lasers in a single pulse. With the unique system of You Laser MT Dual Laser, you can change the surface of the skin at the same time without any significant damage to the skin surface and without interrupting the social life.

Does You Laser MT Dual Laser affect in one session?

Because the effect of You Laser MT Dual Laser on skin rejuvenation and skin rejuvenation is immediate and the result is lasting, skin tightening and stretching is evident even when a single session without surgery is applied. Shine on the surface of the skin, tightness in pores, increase in the amount of moisture and the effect of opening wrinkles appear immediately.This effect of You Laser MT Dual Laser which is the most effective laser system in ‘non-surgical face lift’ increases exponentially for 6 months. Application area is constantly renewed and stimulated by one’s own fibroblasts the skin naturally rejuvenates by gaining healthier structure.In order to increase the rate of treatment, a total of 3 sessions, 1 in 3 weeks, provide an ideal result. Repeated sessions lead to an increase in effect and longer retention time. You Laser MT Dual Laser is the gold standard in skin rejuvenation.

What is the mechanism of action of You Laser MT Dual Laser?


What is the superiority of You Laser MT Dual Laser over other lasers?

Unlike the old technology ablative skin resurfacing lasers, You Laser MT Dual Laser is the only high-tech system capable of pulsing double wavelength in single pulse thanks to simultaneous and sequential pulses. FDA approved for skin rejuvenation and face lift.Power = Energy * If time is remembered, using less energy to spread the laser pulse for a long time, the classic CO2 laser can only go down to 250 micrometers, while the You Laser MT Dual Laser explains how it can go down to 2000 micrometers. 8-10 times the power of the classic CO2 laser You Laser MT Dual Laser skin on the surface of the slight redness does not create a disturbing effect because of the superior technology is due to.

How Does the Laser MT Dual Laser Work?

You Laser MT Dual Laser 10600 nm Co2 and 1540 nm Er: Glass lasers are both absorbed in water and converted into heat. The 1540 nm Er: Glass laser, a non-ablative wavelength, is absorbed 10 times faster in water than the 10600 nm CO2 laser. Therefore, the 1540 nm Er: Glass vaporizes the tissue very quickly and produces little thermal effect on the surrounding tissues. Thus, the skin does not flush and peel. The coagulation effect is prominent. The face lift effect becomes more pronounced over time. As CO2 lasers are absorbed more slowly by water, thermal damage to tissues occurs. The renewal effect of the CO2 laser on the skin surface is in the foreground.You Laser MT Dual Laser has the advantage of a single pulse; The aim is to make the Er: Glass laser beats before evaporation of high energy pulses, to evaporate some amount of water in that region and to reach the maximum depth by giving less energy than normal with CO2 laser.For example; it is only possible to achieve the effect obtained in a 20-watt process with the C02 laser in 8-watt power with fewer Er: Glass and C02 laser pulses and less down time in Mix Mode.If you use the same dose as the conventional CO2 laser, you can easily drill to a much greater depth. Thanks to the sequential pulse technology, deeper penetration with lower energy is achieved, resulting in faster surface healing.

What are the side effects of You Laser MT Dual Laser?

while You Laser MT Dual Laser is simultaneously pulses of CO2 laser 10600 nm wavelength, the Er: Glass laser coagulation with the spot does not experience bleeding. Very effective, with minimal side effects. The healing process is very fast. There will be no social distress except for a few days of redness.

is YOU Laser MT Dual Laser used in surgery?

The wavelengths of the You Laser MT Dual Laser can be used separately with the scanner and surgical caps, unlike the classic pulse characteristics. This is a very important function especially in surgical applications. Blepharoplasty, which is often very popular with surgical caps, can be performed.You Laser MT Dual Laser’s coagulation feature minimizes surgical side effects such as bleeding, bruising and edema. In this way, complications that may occur after classical eyelid surgery are minimized and patient comfort is maximized.

What should be considered after You Laser MT Dual Laser treatment?

After the application of You Laser MT Dual Laser, high-factor sun protection is sufficient. The more moisturized the skin, the easier it will heal. Soap should never be used when cleaning the skin.Alkaline products, even if natural, soaps cause dryness on the surface of the skin, after laser treatment is extremely objectionable. Cosmetic and creams to be used must be consulted with medical aesthetic physicians.

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