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3D Laser Lipolysis

3D Laser Lipolysis

3D Laser Lipolysis; Laser is a technique of body shaping and skin stretching by applying ultrasound and radiofrequency techniques to puncture the membrane of fat cells to destroy them and to reduce and shape the regional fat tissue and lastly to tighten the skin in that region by the new fibroblast stimulation. These three methods are applied to the regional fat tissue:

  1. Laser Lipolysis
  2. Vaser (Ultrasonic Lipolysis)
  3. Laser Cellulitis

3D Laser Lipolysis can be used in every patient from a small area to a very large and fatty area. 3D Laser Lipolysis is a minimally invasive procedure, not a surgical procedure since the skin is operated through small holes, not by cutting.

3D Laser Lipolysis can be applied to any form of deformation such as abdominal, waist, back, arm, hip, leg, butt (banana), knees, cheeks, jowl etc. It is also a very effective method for gynecomastia (breast size problem) in men.

Step I: Detonate the fat cells with Smart Lipo.

Laser Lipolysis is a special adipose tissue laser system that provides localized thinning by reducing unwanted fatty tissue and reducing the number of fat cells. Since laser lipolysis affects only fat cells, it does not affect connective tissue, veins, skin, muscle cells, etc. Laser Lipolysis light is cold, there is no risk of burns on the skin. Since the tip of the cannula used in laser lipolysis is blunt, it does not cause serious damage to the tissue as it does its effect by laser light and does not cause any mechanical trauma. Even if there is weight gain, the formation of Laser Lipolysis is permanent because new fat cells will not form again.

Step II: Tighten the subcutaneous by Vaser and take the fat cells without damaging them for use for filler purposes.

Vaser is a liposelective special ultrasonic lipolysis system. Vaser works with the principle of separating the fat cells from each other by a special sound wave directed to fat cells. We can work very closely with the skin with Vaser so it increases subcutaneous elastin, collagen, and fibroblastic activity. This reduces fluctuation and surface irregularities on tissue.

The connections between the Vaser and adhered fat cells become loose and the fat cells begin to separate from each other and begin to swim in the liquid between tissues. The more intense fluid than these fat cells can be easily withdrawn without damaging the fat cells.

With this technology called High Definition or Hi-Def, the abdomen muscle can appear in men, known as the six pack.  Fat cells taken by Vaser are not damaged so they can be used in other regions (breast muscles, shoulders in men, face, breast, hand, hip, cellulite holes in women).

Step III: Iron the skin with Cellusmooth.

Cellusmooth is a special laser system. Cellusmooth effect is also called as Laser cellulose. The goal of Cellusmooth is to iron the skin with an increased electrical force called radiofrequency. It provides more tight and smooth skin in the operated area.

Cellusmooth is a special laser for the skin that releases short cellulosic fibers causing cellulite, melts the herniated fat tissue, rejuvenates the skin’s elastin and collagen fibers, rejuvenates and revitalizes the lymphatic circulation of the skin, increases the thickness and humidity of the skin and reduces the appearance of orange peel.

It is especially used to make the cellulite skin appear bright and tight and to correct the appearance of rough and loose tissue in an operated area. Classic 3D Laser is the last step of lipolysis. It can also be applied to improve the quality of skin appearance in women with severe cellulitis but without deformity.

Cellulite is a cosmetic and health problem for most women today. In order to remove cellulite, many creams, methods and externally applied devices were developed and used. However, none of these was successful at desired degree.

Cellusmooth is a laser device developed for the treatment of cellulite that is applied into the skin. It is FDA-approved. With very high radiofrequency power, effective results are obtained in short processing times.

Cellusmooth works in 3 modes: Burst, melt, tight. In the burst mode, Cellusmooth corrects the recesses by breaking the short fibrous septa that causes the recesses. In the melt mode it improves the appearance of the bulge by breaking down the fat inside them.

After this process, to ensure tightening of the entire area with tight mode new collagen and elastin tissue formation can be provided by sending energy to the dermis layer.

It is the world’s most effective and fast cellulite treatment laser by doctors practicing in the USA.

What is Bio-Filling and Body-jet Evo?

Bio-filling is the name of the operation that is applied by Body-jet Evo. The tool used in the process of transferring fat cells, known as “body shaping by water” or “fat transplantation with water” is Body-jet Evo. The body-jet Evo splashes water and removes the connections between the fat cells by pressure and washes and cleans the cells as a purified material.

Body-jet evo is a fast and comfortable operation. Body-jet Evo is used to extract fat cells from the fat-rich areas of the patient, such as abdomen or hip. The fat cells are compressed and injected immediately into the filling areas. The thighs and breasts may be filled when the waist gets thinner.

Cheeks, cheek bone or lips can be sharpened while the fat rate in jowl decreases. Nasolabial in face and deposits in mouth corners can also be filled. Since the fat injection in the face contains the stem cell, it causes the skin to revive and appear bright.

Since the fat cells used belong to patient, there is no possibility of tissue incompatibility during the filling application. The fat cells immediately adapt to the area of transfer. The fat cells taken with the body-jet Evo remain intact because they are structurally intact, and this filling remains completely insoluble.

It is a long-term and natural solution for patients who want to enlarge their breasts with their own fat instead of breast silicone. Bio-Filling does not precipitate calcium material into the fat taken with the Body-jet Evo. In the fat fill that is made to the breasts, there is no image that will be confused with cancer. Therefore, in the case of suspected cancer in the future, the fat fill with Body-jet evo does not create a problem.

The material used in classical surgical tissue cocktail applications is obtained from the tissues removed from another operation (such as breast, tummy tuck etc.). Due to the presence of severely fragmented cells in the tissue cocktail the filler material precipitates the calcium.

Therefore, tissue cocktail should not be preferred because it can be confused with cancer metastases in organs requiring regular follow-up in terms of cancer risk, such as breast. Tissue cocktail should not be used as it may protrude from thin skin such as under the eyes or mucous membranes such as lips as the recess may protrude.

In later times, the lump-like tissue cocktail breaks the shape of the calcium and causes a recessed appearance. However, the Body-jet Evo used in Bio-Filling does not carry any of these risks.

Why is 3D Laser Lipolysis the most suitable body shaping method for difficult patients?

Difficult patients:

1) Patients with severe fat accumulation (more than 2 liters from a single area)

2) Patients who are excessively fatten and then have a weakened skin with some loose or even drooping and cracks

3) Patients who have too thick subcutaneous tissue

4)Patients previously undergoing liposuction or laser lipolysis

3D Laser Lipolysis can be performed in these groups. Because of the previous applications, fat cells stuck between hardened tissues can be melted with 3D Laser Lipolysis without affecting other tissues.

The duration of operation is shortened according to the classical liposuction methods and the volume of fat is higher. Duration may vary from 1 hour to 5 hours. Because 500 cc oil can be taken from the patient, as well as 7000 – 8000 cc (7-8 pounds) is also available.

What is High Defination (Hi-Def) Lipo Sculpturing?

High Defination (Hi-Def) body shaping is one of the new applications.  Particularly preferred by male movie stars abroad, these applications have also started to become popular in Turkey. With High Defination (Hi-Def) it is possible to have a fit appearance.

High Defination (Hi-Def) is not suitable for body shaping in every patient. Patients whose skin is loose, internally fattened, highly fatty and non-athletic, having under developed muscles are not suitable for this application. High Defination (Hi-Def) is an application that should be preferred by male or female patients whose muscles are not sufficiently clarified.

High Defination (Hi-Def) aims to give a muscular appearance to the person in the abdomen, chest, waist and shoulder regions by giving a shape that is determined according to the anatomy of the muscles in these regions.

During the application, not only fat is taken, in some regions to clarify the muscles fat injections are made. In the case of High Defination (Hi-Def) patients applied to the abdomen, six-pack images are obtained.

Is 3D Laser Lipolysis painful, is there a need for anesthesia?

3D laser lipolysis is a procedure with minimal pain. Post-application bruising can be seen. Bruises pass through after 2 – 3 weeks.

After 3D Laser Lipolysis, a patient returns to normal life within a few days. The result appears exactly after 2-3 months.

For 3D laser lipolysis, local or general anesthesia is applied. There is a similarity to the post-operative two-week after-sport feeling.

This feeling can be defined as stiffness rather than pain. This process does not force your daily life. Corset wearing time is between one week and three weeks.

What should be paid attention to before and after 3D Laser Lipolysis?

Aspirin and similar drugs should not be used for at least 10 days prior to laser lipolysis. Green tea and vitamin tablets should be used. On the day of the operation, routine examinations are made and the suitability is decided.

It is mandatory to wear a corset day and night after laser lipolysis.

Is 3D Laser Lipolysis effect permanent?

The number of fat cells is constant from puberty. As the number of fat cells is reduced by laser lipolysis, the result continues for a long time. The patients should be careful about not to gain extra weight. If weight is regained, the body expands and becomes thicker in its new shape; it does not return into pre-operation times.

A zone is operated in a session and maintains this shape for life.

3D Laser Lipolysis is protective for which diseases?

The increase in the waist-belly area is in the 1st place in the risk factors of diseases such as metabolic syndrome. Waist circumference over 88 cm in women and 102 cm in men is considered as a risk factor for hypertension, metabolic syndrome, respiratory system diseases, Type II diabetes.

With the 3D laser lipolysis operation, it has been observed that this type of diseases has regressed, the patient has relaxed breathing easily, decreased or cut the drugs used for diabetes, and his blood pressure reaches normal limits even when the fat around the waist circumference is reduced.

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