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What is GCell Autologous Tissue Suspension – Micrograft?

GCell® Autologous Tissue Suspension – Micrograft is a safe and effective new technique based on scalp tissue rejuvenation therapy. In this technique, a tissue suspension composed of a person’s own (autologous) cells is used for the renewal of scalp and tissues. GCell® is a specialized device designed to clone the scalp tissue taken from the back of the head in a clinical setting and apply it to the targeted area. This process increases the number of progenitor (precursor) cells in the treated area.

The development of this technique resulted from several clinical studies involving follicle cells in the scalp and the supporting stem and support cells. The process involves harvesting micrografts, turning the cells into a tissue suspension, homogenizing them, and then activating them through consecutive physical processes.

What is the Purpose of the Procedure?

The application aims to:
– Preserve and revitalize the existing hair of the individual.
– Thicken and strengthen long but weak hair.
– Thicken hair strands, even in individuals with many fine hairs, to achieve a voluminous and fuller hair appearance.
– Activate inactive hair cells beneath the scalp and bring them to the surface.
– Assist in the preparation and enhancement of hair transplantation, increasing the success rate of the procedure.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

The GCell® Autologous Tissue Suspension – Micrograft Procedure starts with the extraction of micrografts under local anesthesia in a clinical setting. The scalp tissue samples taken from the individual are placed into the GCell® kit and processed for approximately 5 minutes. Subsequently, the injection procedure to the required area is performed mesotherapeutically, taking about 30 minutes.

When Can Daily Activities Be Resumed After the Procedure?

GCell® Autologous Tissue Suspension – Micrograft is a highly comfortable application. Individuals can easily resume their daily activities after the procedure.

How Many Sessions Are Required?

The GCell® Autologous Tissue Suspension Procedure is a single-session procedure.

When Is the Effect Visible?

Immediately after the procedure, the nourishment of hair follicles through renewed capillaries and the impact of added progenitor cells begin the healing process. The effects of the process become more evident within 3-4 months. Visible results are usually achieved approximately 6 months after the procedure.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Since the GCell® Autologous Tissue Suspension – Micrograft procedure uses the individual’s own tissue, harmful side effects such as allergies are not expected. The body easily adapts to its own tissues.

This procedure strengthens fine hair, restores non-growing hair strands to their normal cycle, prevents hair loss, and restores normal hair density. Additionally, it triggers the formation of new hair, leading to a much-improved appearance.

Can It Replace Hair Transplantation?

The GCell® Autologous Tissue Suspension – Micrograft procedure can be used before or after hair transplantation but is not an alternative to it. It shortens the healing time of hair transplantation, allows for rapid and effective results, and minimizes complications.

G-cell micrograft technology is a minimally manipulative autologous tissue suspension method with a wide range of medical applications, including orthopedics, dermatology, cosmetic gynecology, aesthetics, and hair loss treatments. Autologous therapy is a therapeutic intervention that uses an individual’s cells or tissues processed externally and re-infused into the donor. G-cell technology enables doctors to effectively use “stem cell regenerative” medical procedures.

G-cell autologous suspension treatment for facial wounds, including wrinkles and acne scars, uses autologous human fibroblasts. “Autologous platelet-rich plasma” is used for skin rejuvenation, dark circles under the eyes, cracks, and similar areas, harnessing the individual’s own cells or tissues for regenerative medicine.

You can preserve your health and youthfulness with Stem Cell Therapy. As stem cells age, their regenerative abilities decline, and their differentiation capabilities into various cell types diminish. Based on the current understanding of stem cells, it is possible to design and test interventions to slow down the effects of aging, improve health, and prolong longevity. Stem cell insufficiency is believed to contribute to a decline in health during aging.

Developing effective methods to induce and differentiate stem cells through cell replacement therapy offers an exciting avenue for the treatment of degenerative aging. Access to dermal stem cells from autologous sources and their unique immunological profiles makes them ideal for therapeutic approaches.

Autologous fat grafting for facial rejuvenation adds volume to the face, improves skin tone and texture, and revitalizes the skin.

Age-related changes in the face can be addressed or camouflaged, including:

  • Forehead, temporal, and supraorbital hollows
  • Lower eyelid lines, deep nasojugal groove
  • Nasolabial fold, marionette lines
  • Jowls, weak lips
  • Weak jawline and jaw contour

What is the Purpose of G-Cell Autologous Suspension Therapy?

G-cell Autologous Suspension therapy treats aging and scarred skin. It addresses blemishes, evens out skin appearance, and harmonizes skin tone. It provides the skin with a silky radiance and a healthy glow.

What is the Duration and Number of Sessions?

G-cell Autologous Suspension therapy is easy and quick to perform. Only a small area is required to extract donor cells from the healthy part of the tissue. The G-cell application is a single-session procedure.

What Are the Side Effects?

It is not recommended for individuals with a history of extensive burn scars, keloid formation, coagulopathy, or lipid metabolic disorders. Side effects may also occur in individuals with severe chronic illness, deep vein thrombosis, and pulmonary embolism. Consult your doctor before undergoing the treatment.

“With advancing technology, revolutionary treatment methods are being introduced in healthcare and medical aesthetics. La Donna Estetik ve Güzellik Merkezi provides one of these technologies, the G-cell autologous suspension therapy, to restore targeted volume to the face in a single session.”

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