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ONDA Cold Wave Therapy

The indications for Microwave Therapy in it are:
Regional excess fat,
Looseness and sagging,
Cellulite treatment.

ONDA Treatment; Microwave energy, which is used in many fields in medicine, was used with ONDA for the first time for aesthetic purposes. It is the first system in the world where microwaves are used in aesthetics. Using special microwaves, ONDA can selectively target fat cells and shrink them safely and without surgery. In cellulite treatment, the system offers successful treatments targeting adipose cellular connective septa. ONDA is FDA approved.

ONDA gives the patient a feeling of massage with its cooling unit that touches the skin thanks to its special patented caps. In ONDA Cold Wave Therapy, the target zone reaches a temperature of 50-55C in just two minutes; thus, the membrane structure of the fat cells deteriorates and the cells shrink. Regional fat tissue decreases, cellulites decrease, loose tissue tightens and skin quality increases.


Thanks to the high frequency and speed of the microwaves, the it passes to the lower layers of the skin by up to 80% without loss in the epidermis.
While 20% of the microwaves are dispersed on the surface of the skin, reducing cellulite by shortening the fibrous septa, microwaves that can penetrate deeper layers create lipolysis in areas where there is excess fat, thus reducing fat cells.

Although the result is seen immediately after the application, it is best to wait three weeks for the final result. The removal of fat from the system by the destruction of microwaves and the lymphatic system and the formation of new elastin-collagen fibers with the stimulation of fibroblast in the mesoderm will increase the delicacy and firmness of the skin.

Painless but Sensitive people may have a tingling sensation.
only 1 session application.
Session time is 10 min.
Redness, edema and skin irritation are not expected.

It is the first radiofrequency device in which microwave is used. The specific high-frequency Microwaves with ‘gigahertz (Ghz) ​​speed used in ONDA Cold Wave Therapy targeting the fat cells does not disappear in the skin surface when descending. ONDA Cool wave uses short electromagnetic waves, microwaves.

during ONDA Cold Wave Therapy, there is a very rapid increase in heat as a result of the high-speed shaking of microwaves in fat cells. The frequency of microwaves is 1000 times faster than bipolar radiofrequency devices and is measured in gigahertz (Ghz). Therefore, the session duration is 10 minutes Only.

Thanks to ONDA COOLWAWES the latest technology in the treatment of cellulite, the microwave energy used in many fields in medicine was used with ONDA for the first time for aesthetic purposes.

ONDA Cold Wave Therapy;
Suitable for all types of cellulite between 1 and 4 degrees. ONDA Cold Wave Therapy causes collagen fibers in the dermis to shrink and triggers the formation of new collagen.

Electrical conductivity: It is the state where the given energy can be transmitted to the substrates without being absorbed as it passes.
Electrical permeability: It is the state where the given energy is absorbed by the target without being transmitted to the substrates.

The relationship between microwaves and skin is determined according to these rules. Our skin is low permeable and highly conductive compared to microwave energy. ONDA Cool waves proceeds through the upper layers of the skin as if it were transparent, and does not suffer any loss while passing through these layers.

The relationship between microwaves and fat cells is also determined by these rules. Fat cells are high permeable and low conductive. Fat cells do not transmit to the substrates after they meet microwave energy, they trap it.

Previous bipolar radiofrequency devices lose considerable amounts of energy in the upper layers at frequencies that can be measured with megahertz (Mhz). As the old radiofrequency devices descend from the upper layers of the skin, the sessions last for an average of 60-75 minutes due to the loss of energy, and the effects of these treatments are quite low although the number of sessions is kept high.

Contrary to previous radiofrequency devices, the energy given in ONDA Cold Wave Therapy is chromophore which means the target is fat cells instead of water. Thanks to its microwave-containing and fat-free structure of the epidermis and dermis, the high energy given to the subcutaneous adipose tissue with a loss of only 20%. ONDA uses this 20% dispersion on the surface of the skin in to reduces cellulites.

Since the upper layers of the skin do not generate heat, other risks such as burns on the patient are not expected.
ONDA Cold Wave Therapy has two patented caps designed specifically for regional thinning and cellulite and cooling by contact. These headers are automatically recommended by the device for use in different depths and applications.

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