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PTP Feathers

PTP Feathers (Photo Acustic Pulse)

PTP Feathers; PTP Hair Removal is a special pulse mode of the Q Switched laser. A very high laser power is applied to the skin in as little as nano seconds. The aim is to brighten the face and provide antiaging.It is used for the following purposes; Help to make dark peach feathers invisible to face and body, In the fading of the variegated and distorted pigmentation image on the skin, Skin appears bright and glossy in an instant, It can be used for protection after melasma treatment.Q Switched Laser’s very powerful PTP mode minimizes pain and side effects during treatment. The short-range high peak energy system delivers maximum energy to the target layer on the skin in nano-seconds without any damage. The skin surface shines, the pigmented areas fade, the dark face hairs we call peach feathers are opened and the face is brightened.The Q-switched Nd: YAG laser produced by Lutronic is an award-winning laser system with outstanding success. Spectra’s PTP mode, the latest in the Nd: YAG laser range, is a system that is lighter but more powerful, easy to use, reliable and offers a wide range of applications.Spectra Q Switched laser PTP Feathering provides versatility and may reduce pigmentation on melasic faces. Q Switched, which is a non-ablative application, can achieve satisfactory results in the treatment of melasma.Among the new generation of Q Switched Nd YAG lasers, Spectra is a new laser system designed by Lutronic specifically for the removal of pigmented lesions. Spectra is a Q-switched Nd: YAG laser that can produce four different wavelengths: 1064 nm, 650 nm, 585 nm and 532 nm.Unlike all other Q Switched shots, the most important feature of PTP is; extremely powerful shots in a very short time (a few nanoseconds). With Q Switched Nd YAG laser, PTP is more superior than single pulse, and with photo acoustic pulse technology, it increases efficiency to a higher level than lasers capable of single pulses in a single 5 ns.By using the powerful pulses of the Spectra laser light, it can effectively relieve pigments and tattoo particles without damaging the surrounding healthy tissue. When exposed to laser light, melanosomes and tattoo particles are divided into small particles that are absorbed by the body’s natural drainage system.With another application mode, Q Switched’s peeling mode can also be used to refresh / reconstruct the non-ablative skin surface with a long shot of 300 microseconds.

What are the other uses of Spectra Q-Switched Nd Yag Laser?

Sunspots, pregnancy spots Treatment of melasma Freckle treatment Laser toning, laser skin rejuvenation Carbon peeling Treatment of active acne and acne scars.

To whom Q Switch laser hair removal can be applied to?

Q Switch Laser application is suitable for all skin types and is extremely suitable. Dark skin color can also be made. Q Switch Laser can be applied in summer.

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