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Vaginal Radiofrequency

What is Vaginal Radiofrequency?

Vaginal Radiofrequency; It is an FDI approved special radiofrequency technique applied inside the vagina. Vaginal contraction can be achieved in only one session. Thus, one of the main sexual problems of women “not able to achieve orgasm” can be solved; orgasm time and quality increases and maximizes in 3 months.

The radiofrequency procedure applied to the muscle group at the beginning of the vaginal canal is a very easy and painless procedure that lasts approximately 30 minutes. Therefore, it does not even require anesthetic cream.

No injection, incision or any other surgical procedure is performed during the operation. There is no need to use speculum that opens the vagina. This is an important advantage in terms of comfort.

Vaginal Radiofrequency also contributes to the solution of the problem of urinary incontinence while coughing, sneezing or laughing.

For what purposes is it applied?

Vaginal Radiofrequency is applied to tighten the vagina entrance. Vaginal tightening and thickening increases sexual satisfaction in men and women. During sexual intercourse, it enables men and women to feel each other more intensely; increases sexual pleasure; deepens, facilitates and lengthens the orgasm. Sex makes more sense. Feelings lost after birth also come back.

CSexual satisfaction is one of the most important elements that ensure the happiness of the partnerships. The increase in sexual happiness makes the love of the couples whose relationship became monotonized and alienated revive. In this way, it prevents the couples from coming to the point of getting separated or entering into different quests.

How is vaginal radiofrequency performed?

In vaginal radiofrequency technique, the target is introitus (means vaginal access; it is the part length of two centimeters right behind the hymen). This is where the nerve endings giving sexual pleasure present the most intensely. Here are two important pleasure organs known as the clitoris and the G point.

The application is extremely simple. Headings are personal and they are in the toothbrush size. It is a non-disconcerting process that gives a slight feeling of coldness and vibration. Vaginal Radiofrequency may be as deep as 4-5 mm in the vaginal mucosa.

In this region, the formation of new collagen by stimulating fibroblast cells is provided. The vagina tightens and thickens due to the increase in collagen. The maximum result is reached in 30 to 90 days.

What is the difference of Vaginal Radiofrequency from laser and surgical operations?

Surgical operations consist of removing a portion of the mucosa from the vaginal wall under anesthesia. It requires a classical long dressing process. There is a ban on sexual intercourse and it is very painful. There are risks and side effects; the result is temporary.

It does not affect the quality and thickness of the vaginal wall. Vaginal surgery has no effect on the shortening of the clitoris ligaments. Since it will not affect the G point, it does not increase the sexual pleasure of women. Only the tightness of the entrance can give men a short time of happiness but because the quality of the tissue is not increased, the vagina reverts back very quickly.

However, vaginal radiofrequency technology is easy, and can be kept secret when desired. Collagen connective tissue in the vagina wall can be permanently thickened and strengthened. In women, the sense of pleasure and orgasm in sexual intercourse makes a distinct difference.

Because the contact of the G spot with the penis increases in this area. The thickening and tightening ties of the clitoris strongly adhere to the vagina entrance. This allows the clitoris to maintain a stronger and more sensible mechanical effect during intercourse.

The facts that there is no side effects, and it is an FDI approved technique, it is a very short process and it does not hinder the daily life and women can do this without informing the partner; it is a preferred method for surgical operations.

Is the procedure painful?

The “coolant system” in the Vaginal Radiofrequency technology ensures painless operation. There is no negative feeling except for a slight vibration and cold feeling stated during the operation

When is sexual intercourse allowed after the procedure?

Sexual intercourse is allowed seven days after the procedure. After two or three weeks, the activity begins to be felt clearly. Maximum activity is felt on day 90.

What are the complaints after the procedure?

No complaints will arise.

What are the scientific studies on vaginal radiofrequency?

The scientific studies performed after the radiofrequency procedure in the vagina usually consist of surveys. In the studies conducted in the USA and Japan, after a 12-month follow-up, women themselves and their partners stated that the sensation of tightening vaginal tightness was 98 percent. Failure to follow any side effects in the applications indicated that the process is reliable.

Who is the Vaginal Radiofrequency application suitable for?

First of all, the process shouldn’t be carried out during menstruation period. Vaginal Radiofrequency can be applied to women who have never given birth or have given birth by cesarean section as well as to women whose sexual pleasure decreases due to loosening and enlargement of the vagina after birth to increase their sexual pleasure.

It is also suitable for people experiencing problems such as lack of orgasm during sexual intercourse (coital anorgasmia) and numbness or lack of feeling during intercourse.

Is it necessary to repeat the procedure?

A single application is sufficient. However, patients who wish may have a repeat of one to two years. There is no risk that the process will be repeated multiple times.

Is radiofrequency a different application than tightening with intra vaginal laser?

Vaginal rejuvenation with laser is much more superficial, painful and low in efficacy. The lasers cannot get deep as radiofrequency. While laser can get deep as much as 1, 5 mm, radiofrequency can get deep as much as 3-4 mm.

The tissue penetration of the radiofrequency device is much greater than that of the laser; that is, radiofrequency energy stimulates the formation of collagen, reaching much deeper within the skin than the laser.

Thus, as I mentioned earlier, tightening of “introitus” area where the pleasure at the entrance of the vagina is most intense is achieved. Therefore, radiofrequency is more effective than laser.

Can anyone be applied this procedure?

Anyone who wants to increase their sexual pleasure and satisfaction, especially women who experience problems such as enlargement in the vagina, loss of sensation during the relationship (loss of sensation may also be expressed by the partner), difficulty in having orgasms during or without an orgasm during intercourse can be applied this procedure.

Are there additional benefits of the treatment?

Because vaginal tightening may also affect the urethra positively, it offers an extremely blissful second result for the women who has urinary incontinence problem while coughing, sneezing, and laughing. Urine control is also facilitated by the tightening genital area.

Which applications is Vaginal Radiofrequency is often combined with?

Vaginal whitening (Pink Intimate System) is frequently applied with Vaginal Radiofrequency. It is applied as a single session and two applications are given to be applied at home. With the effect of peeling and rejuvenation, it opens the vagina color and tightens the skin. It can also be applied to the dark groin and subcutaneous area as well as the vulva skin.

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